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What is FreeBird?

freebird the lynyrd skynyrd tribute band
Long Islands Only Classic Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Band

FreeBird is a band that exclusively plays the great songs of one of the best bands ever, Lynyrd Skynyrd. FreeBird is a "sound-alike" band, faithfully playing and sounding just like the real deal. Skynyrd wrote and played some the most rockin, high-energy, fun, kick-ass music ever done. FreeBird is out to play those great songs as close to the originals as possible because Skynyrd really knew how to rock, so why mess with a great thing. 

Now, there are a lot of Southern Rock bands out there and some of them sound great, and they may play a few Skynyrd tunes in their show, and you should go out and see themówe support them. But if you want to have a totally Skynyrd experience, then you gotta see FreeBird because the band ONLY does Skynyrd, the way they sounded and played. FreeBird is a true tribute: You want to hear Skynyrd the way they played live, and thatís what you get. 

Youíll hear the Skynyrd standards like Sweet Home Alabama, Gimme Three Steps, and of course Freebird. And youíll hear excellent songs that you may not have heard for awhile like Gimme Back My Bullets, Whiskey Rock-a-Roller, Needle and the Spoon, and T for Texas. And youíll hear some Skynyrd songs you may not have heard for a long, long time like Whatís your Name, You Got That Right, and Double Trouble. 

With free bird, youíll swear to God the original Skynyrd was reborn and playin up there on the stage. 

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Who is FreeBird?

FreeBird is a group of musicians who are crazy about Skynyrd, love playing their music, and want the crowd to get up, jump around, yell, hoot and have a great time listening to Skynyrd the way it's supposed to be played. FreeBird was formed in September 2002, though members of the band have been playing and singing Skynyrd in other groups for many years. Several of the band's founding members are brothers and even though they've since retired, the band has always really operated as a family, which is appropriate since the original Skynyrd was always like a family.

Al is the main man on stage, singing in that sometimes soulful, sometimes gritty Ronnie Van Zant manner. Al has been performing with various bands for a long time and has sung all types of music. Now he feels heís finally doing what was meant to be: singing Skynyrd and bringin down the house like the great Ronnie did.
Jim, FreeBird's bassist, has been playing for about 25 years. He began his music career playing progressive rock and heavy metal covers. Jim was involved in original progressive rock and bluesy type rock projects throughout the 80's and early 90's. "I was always a fan of southern rock music," says Jim, "but I never had an opportunity to play any. That has all changed. I can only hope to do Leon proud. I am a definite fan."
Jim is FreeBird's keyboardist. He has been playing the circuit  for 25 years in numerous R&B and rock bands. He is an accomplished musician with a music degree and has also spent several years as a music instructor. Being a long time aficionado of Skynyrd, playing that honky tonk Billy Powell style comes very naturally to him.
Mike joined FreeBird as a guitarist at then end of 2017. He is a seasoned veteran of the Long Island music circuit and also plays in the infamous Iron Maiden tribute Live After Death. Mike has long been a fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd and southern rock, and it shows in his ability to capture the feel and sound of both with almost no effort. Mike's knowledge of Skynyrd's music history, his feel for their music, and his witty personality made him a perfect fit for the band.
Michael is FreeBird's drummer and joined the band at then end of 2017. He is also a seasoned veteran of the Long Island music circuit and has most-recently worked with a group of New York City Firefighters who formed an all original Rock and Roll project called Afterburn. The project has toured the United States and opened for major record label acts such as Faster Pussycat. Mike came to FreeBird auditions having never played Skynyrd before, however his attentiveness to accuracy and detail, his steady timing, and his preparedness propelled him into the band.
Ken also joined FreeBird as a guitarist at then end of 2017. He is also a seasoned veteran of the Long Island music circuit and a long time Southern Rock aficionado and enthusiast. Kenny's musical roots lay deep within the Allman Brothers Band. He founded and spearheaded the Trouble No More Band (which has also featured FreeBird's keyboardist Jim and bass guitarist Jim), a tribute to the Allman Brothers and Southern Rock, where Kenny honed his Duane Allman, Dicky Betts, Allen Collins, Ed King, Stevie Gaines, Gary Rossington, and Stevie Ray Vaughan skills, to name a few. Kenny's familiarity and ability to capture the styles and sounds of the guitarists he emulates is so effortless it made him an obvious addition to FreeBird.

Former FreeBird Members:

FreeBird began with Tom, who retired from the band in October 2017 after roughly 15 years. He was the brains behind the group, as it was his original idea to put together a Skynyrd tribute, even though he was only a youngin when the original band was around. But he grew up listening to Skynyrd with his older brother band members George, Tim, and Chris. Tom is a master of the guitar and played the hyper-energetic Allen Collins parts, the soulful Gary Rossington sounds and the country-licked Steve Gaines riffs. Tom always delivered a rockin' performance and was known to occasionally sneak in a few riffs of bands such as Metallica between songs on the setlist.
Tim was a founding member of FreeBird, a band brother, and guitarist. He grew up listening and playing Lynyrd Skynyrd, along with other Southern greats like Allman Bros, Marshall Tucker Band and The Dixie Dregs. Tim had played in southern rock bands for over 20 years and is a protege of Duane Allman. He traded guitar parts of Collins, Rossington and Gaines with Tom. Tim immersed himself in the tunes of Skynyrd and his facial expressions as he played were classic. He also retired from FreeBird in October 2017, however looks forward to continuing his musical journey as a jazz guitarist in his twilight years.
George was yet another band brother. Through 2017, he handled equipment, lights, and most importantly sound. The oldest of the brothers, George has been around sound from the start. As FreeBird aimed to provide the perfect mix, George was the man to do it. His assistance with stage setup and hauling all of the heavy equipment was vital.
Jack joined as FreeBirdís drummer in 2012 and was with the band until October 2017. He is a multi-talented singer and musician who had played with many bands, including more-recently the Judas Priest tribute band Exciter. Jack exhibited his powerful vocal cords as lead singer for some songs in FreeBird's arsenal and his impressive drum solos occasionally incorporated various objects surrounding him onstage and typically included shards of drum sticks flying through the air.
Frank was FreeBirdís original drummer from the bandís beginnings back in 2003. He pounded the FreeBird beat for the next nine years and upwards of 70 shows and was an important part of the bandís success.
Chris, the bandís original bass player, and brother of George, Tim and Tom, was a founding member of FreeBird and played many of the bandís original shows. He has now moved on to other pastures.
Jack played bass for FreeBird for several shows in 2005. He was the bass player for 2112, a very highly regarded Rush tribute, which he had been involved in since 2001.

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Why FreeBird?

To have fun, to play and listen to Skynyrd music, hang out with our friends, laugh our asses off, have a couple of beers. What else is there that matters? 

Seriously though, thereís a real need out there for tribute bands that sound authentic and play the songs like theyíre supposed to be done. Skynyrd was a truly great live band, just listen to the One More From the Road album. They were one rockin, good-time band with a slew of great songs. FreeBird is continuing to play that music live. 

The band respects Lynyrd Skynyrd, itís history and the great Ronnie Van Zant, Allen Collins, Steve Gaines,  Leon Wilkeson, Gary Rossington, Billy Powell, Artimus Pyle and others who played in the band at one time or another. Thatís why FreeBird is playing their music and keeping the flame alive.

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When and Where is FreeBird?

Keep coming back to the free bird homepage and check our show dates. Then come on out, bring your friends and have a great time listening to some truly great music from the lynyrd skynyrd tribute band.

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